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Since the beginning of time and across cultures, humans have used the pinky promise as the most formal and informal contract. Finally, a platform to easily and reliably keep track of all the promises in your life!


We try our hardest to make good on our promises but sometimes it’s just hard to keep track…


-Remember when your friend promised you they would _______ if you helped them with ________ ? Send a promise request and make sure they remember too!


-Simplify, declutter, and organize all the promises in your life; those you’ve made, and those people have made to you. Keeping yourself and those around you accountable to their word has never been so easy and fun.


-Set a deadline. Fulfill the promise in person or through the app. Share your promises with all your friends, or keep it just between the two of you. Each promise is completely customizable!


-Get alerts when you have time sensitive promises that keep creeping up on you! 


Your profile keeps you in check! Proudly or shamelessly display how many promises you’ve made, kept, and broken! 


Pinky promise me recognizes that our relationships and exchanges can be so much more complex and enriching than a simple exchange of money. 


There are no more excuses, no more broken promises



Thanks! Message sent.

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